Kurallar: Ragnarok World Championship 2009

The internal euRO RWC tournament is approaching at the end of June. Only the best guilds will succeed and fight their way into the final rounds. Only one single guild, the very best team of euRO, will then win a thrilling trip to Yokohama, Japan and will be eligible to participate in the international 2009 Ragnarok World Championship. Please read the rules carefully and prepare yourselves!

Please click here to download the lists of items available for purchase during the tournament

Preliminary Requirements

  • All participants must be at least 18 years old or turn 18 before approaching the trip to the 2009 RWC in late October
  • Only residents of the following countries are allowed to participate in the tournament: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey
  • Every player can only participate for one guild
  • Players who want to participate in the 2009 RWC tournament need a valid and paid account on euRO
  • All participants need a travelling passport valid at least until November 2009. A regular identity card is not sufficient
  • The 2009 RWC is scheduled for the end of October. Please make sure you are available at that date before considering to participate
  • The 2009 RWC will take place in Yokohama, Japan. Please refrain from participating in the tournament if you are not comfortable with travelling to Japan by plane
  • All guilds on euRO Odin whose seven selected squad members meet the requirements are allowed to participate
  • The trip to and from Japan as well as the housing will be paid. The trip to the airport from where you will take off to Japan has to be paid by the players themselves
  • Upon registration, the guild leader confirms that the selected members of his squad for the internal euRO RWC tournament and for the 2009 RWC tournament meet the requiremets stated above


  • Registration period: June 17 – June 26, 12:00 noon CEST
  • The registration is valid for both training on the RWC tournament server and for the internal euRO RWC tournament
  • The registration has to be executed by the guild leader, seven members have to be selected for a squad (five for the team, two substitutes)
  • The team setup can be changed until June 26, 12:00 noon CEST
  • Each guild leader account can only register one guild
  • Selected team members need to be guild members (and stay in the guild!) during the whole registration and tournament period, else the registration is invalid
  • By the end of the registration period, all members of a registered guild must have submitted the required real-life data on the euRO website
  • If one single member of a registered guild violates the rules (including, but not limited to nationality, submission of real-life data…), the whole guild will be excluded from the tournament
  • Accounts created after June 15 cannot participate in the 2009 RWC tournament

Training sessions

  • All registered guild can train on the euRO RWC tournament server from June 18 to June 26
  • Each guild member can freely choose the character class he or she wants to train with and he or she can also change this setting multiple times
  • Detailed information about the automated account creation for the tournament server will be published alongside the opening of the tournament server on June 18

Internal euRO RWC tournament

The internal euRO tournament will probably take place at the following weekends:

  • 1st weekend: June 27-28
  • 2nd weekend: July 4-5

To ensure the smooth progress of the internal euRO RWC tournament, a tournament software named Tourney Master 3 (Northbyte) will be used.

Tournament grid and setup

The drawing of the tournament bracket will be executed once the registration period has ended at 12:00 noon CEST on Fridady, June 26
The grid will be published on the website shortly after the drawing
The tournament mode is called single match knock-out which means that once a guild loses a fight, it will be out of the tournament

Tournament preparations

  • The internal euRO RWC tournament will be held under the same rules as the 2009 RWC tournament in Japan
  • The tournament will be executed on a special tournament server
  • For the tournament, every registered guild will receive 13 accounts with each account containing one usable character
  • Since a team consists of seven players, only seven of the 13 accounts will be used
  • During the tournament, the guild can freely switch between the accounts to access different character classes for different team setups
  • It is not allowed to modify or to delete the existing characters and it is not allowed to create new characters on the tournament accounts
  • The passwords for the tournament accounts will be given to the guild leaders who are solely responsible for the tournament accounts
  • To participate in the training sessions and the tournament, each registered guild member has to download three patch files which have to be placed in the Ragnarok Online folder
  • By clicking the included RAGGUILD.exe, the participant is able to connect to the tournament server. The files will be made available alongside the opening of the tournament server on June 18

Tournament rules

  • A team has to be composed of seven rebirth class characters
  • The matches are held in the siege (WoE) mode. All skills perform according to their functions in the siege mode
  • The settings of the tournament server conform to the server settings of Episode 13.1, "Renewal System" settings are not included
  • The team members have to be logged in to the tournament server 30 minutes before their match starts
  • The team leader is responsible for forming a party that includes all team members and also for disadvantages that may result in a disorganized party setup
  • Players who are not members of the fighting teams immediately have to leave the game
  • If a player who is not a registered team and party member has played one round of a game, he will be deducted from the number of surviving members
  • Each character will receive 10 million Zeny (10,000,000 zeny) to spend for equipment, cards, weapons… Please note that these 10 million Zeny have to suffice for the whole tournament
  • Acid, Fire and Deadly Poison bottles can only be once for the whole tournament
  • Before the first match, players have in total 20 minutes to buy their items and to set their stats and skills
  • Before each following match, it is possible to buy or restock items
  • Once the setup period has ended, a GM will enable to special NPCs. Each guild will receive a letter between A and P. The letter can be found in the grid near the name of the team. Please note that the letter can change for every match. The guild members have to choose the right letter when talking to the NPC. Then, they will be warped to the staging area where they have to wait until the referee has verified the number of team members
  • The judges will each join one of the parties to determine the comlete elimination of one team
  • The teams participating in a match will be warped to the opposing sides of the arena. They cannot move to the center of the arena until the fight begins
  • The fight starts as soon as the judge initiates the game
  • Each fight will last maximum seven minutes. Players whose HP have reached zero will be removed from the arena, survivors will be sent to the staging area
  • The team which eliminates the opponents within seven minutes or the team with more team members alive after the seven minutes have expired wins the game
  • In case of a tie after the seven minutes, the survivors will be warped to the staging area in order to prepare for a tie-break round
  • In a tie-break round, the teams (six without the Priest) have to execute a rematch. The tie-break round may be held in a different arena, therefore the teams will receive new letters from the referees which they have to use for the tie-break round
  • If the rematch results in another tie-break, the team with the first dead player in the round will lose the tie-break round

Character setup

  • The classes Sniper, High Priest, High Wizard, Champion will have level 85, the rest of the classes will have level 90, all classes will have job level 60
  • The first class job level is 50 and the second class job level is 60 which means the character has to be treated like a character that changed its job at job level 50
  • In total 98 skill points (basic skills don’t need to be skilled, 39 skill points for the first class job, 59 skill points for the second class job) will be available for distribution
  • Players can freely choose the job class they want to play. However, each job class may only be represented once in the team
  • The party has to be composed of seven rebirth class characters
  • 10 million Zeny will be given to each character

Power of the judge, disqualification

  • If a herein undeclared incident happens during the tournament, the players must obey the judge’s instructions
  • The players will be instructed by the judges to proceed to the NPCs. Participants who violate the instructions have to leave the game and cannot participate in the tournament any longer. Players who don’t show up in time or who don’t want to participate according to the rules cannot participate in the tournament any longer
  • If a player gets disconnected from the game before the game starts due to hardware or network probelms, the game can be postponed up to three minutes to give the player the chance to reconnect
  • If a player gets disconnected from the game during a match, the match will go on without that player
  • If a team leader withdraws participation in a match, the opposing team will immediately win
  • Players are instructed to solely use the party chat during a match. Players chatting in public chat will be excluded from the match
  • Players who leave a party during a match will be considered as dropouts and will be prompted to quit the game immediately
  • Teams with players who are disturbing the progress of the tournament, including but not limited to using Cloaking, Tunnel Drive to enter the battleground, by spamming skills, by abusing magical skills, will receive a warning. A team that receives two warnings will automatically lose the current match


  • Players can but items from the NPC using the credited Zeny. Please note that Acid, Fire, Deadly Poison bottles can only be bought once for the whole tournament
  • Armor can only be upgraded to maximum +4 to avoid breaking. Level 1 weapons can be upgraded to maximum +7, level 2 weapons to +6, level 3 weapons to +5, level 4 weapons to +4
  • It is forbidden to drop items or to trade items with other players
  • Only players preparing for a fight or currently fighting are allowed to be on the tournament server. All other players are not allowed to log in to the server. It is not allowed to log in after the end of a fight and before the preparation time for the next fight except for participating in a tie-break round. Referees will tell you to log out of the game, please follow their instructions
  • If you have a question regarding the 2009 RWC or the euRO tournament, please do not hesitate to ask in the news thread in the forum

Rewards for the winners of the internal euRO RWC tournament

  • 1st place: A trip to Yokohama, Japan for the seven team members of the winning guild. 250 million guild EXP, 3 months free playtime, 10 OCAs, 1 Asprika
  • 2nd place: 250 million guild EXP, 3 months free playtime, 10 OCAs
  • 3rd place: 250 million guild EXP, 1 month free playtime, 10 OCAs
  • 4th place: 100 million guild EXP, 1 month free playtime, 10 OCAs
  • 5th to 8th place: 50 million guild EXP, 10 OCAs

Legal information

  • The winning team agrees that Burda:ic may use their names and pictures taken during the 2009 RWC in Japan for promotional activities
  • If the winning team is not able to attend the 2009 RWC tournament in Japan, the honour will be passed on to the following guild according to the ranking
  • If the winning team does not confirm the acceptance of the prize within three days after the end of the euRO tournament, the honour will be passed on to the following guild according to the ranking
  • The prizes are non-refundable, non-transferable and will not be paid out
  • Employees of Burda:ic GmbH are not allowed to participate in the tournament
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded

Rules, requirements, tournament conditions etc. are subject to changes and may be changed at short note without prior notice.

Prontera Tourism Office