Coming soon: Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown

As the adventurers of Rune Midgard further explore the new world, they find themselves hard pressed, yet capable of rising to the challenges presented. However, greater dangers lurk in the unknown and undiscovered regions of the new world…

RO_img The introduction of two new villages and two new field maps places adventurers in the middle of a feud between two races that have been warring with one another for hundreds of years. The Laphine and the Sapha are both trying to survive, and the people of Rune Midgard may be the key to bringing peace to these people.

The mighty Nydhogg is the guardian of the tree of life, Yggdrasil. However, circumstances have caused Nydhogg to lose its senses and begin trying to destroy the world of Ash Vacuum. The new instance dungeon, Nydhogg’s Lair, will give adventurers the chance to challenge this mighty guardian and save this new world.

In addition to the new maps and dungeons available, Episode 13.2: Into the Unknown will include an update to the Cute Pet system and several new quests, items, and monsters to challenge adventurers with conviction enough to brave the unknown.
Equip your best gear and assemble your mightiest allies. Soon Ragnarok Online will journey Into the Unknown!